Tequila Jalapeño Mustard

Tequila Jalapeño Mustard
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The Intense Flavor of the Jalapeño Comes to the Fore Without the Expected Heat. Wonderful for a Potato Salad, as a Finish on a Grilled Chicken Breast or Hamburger. FAT FREE, ZERO CARBS

Here are some fun recipes to try:

Tequila Jalapeño Potato Salad - Prepare potatoes and chopped Onions. Mix equal portions of Tequila Jalapeño Mustard and Mayonnaise and toss salad. Garnish with grated egg and capers. 

Tequila Jalapeño 
Hot Dog - Barbecue Hot Dog, split, place on bun and fill with the delightful winner at every Weenie Roast.

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